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Mauro Mondin
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Good vibes
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Smoldering gaze, warm voice and legendary Fifties wave. Vogue Paris pay tribute to Hollywood icon Lauren Bacall, who passed away in New York on August 12. The golden girl of glamour will forever be remembered as she graced the cover of the Christmas 1978 edition of Vogue Paris for which she was also guest editor. #LaurenBacall #VogueParis #JeanNegulesco
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Clara Selina Bachhttp://cargocollective.com/claraselinabach
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Artist Name: Emilia S
Tumblr:  occultwymen.tumblr.com
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Nyan by Huyen-n00b
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Doodle by Huyen-n00b
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Stare by Psycholand1
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Opaque  by  andbamnan